Graham Perrett on war powers reform

by | Apr 8, 2022 | War Powers Reform

Labor MP Graham Perrett is happy with the executive maintaining the authority to deploy troops without parliamentary approval. He provided Michael West Media with the following response:

I am personally happy with the Executive making the decision. It is important that the Executive can respond promptly to hostility when necessary. However, they should consult and inform the Parliament throughout the entire process. Private briefings should be given to the bipartisan Security Committee of any escalation of hostility. In 1940 at the urging of John Curtin, the then Labor Opposition Leader, Menzies formed an Advisory War Council comprising members of the government and opposition. Such an advisory committee would be appropriate in any prolonged conflict.





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Zacharias Szumer is a freelance writer from Melbourne. In addition to Michael West Media, he has written for The Monthly, Overland, Jacobin, The Quietus, The South China Morning Post and other outlets.

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