Tax to rise, yet Coalition lying, Labor hiding

by Callum Foote | Apr 4, 2022 | Finance & Tax, Lobbyland

Josh claims taxes will fall. Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers is ducking for cover: won’t comment.

It has been a week since we pointed out that – despite government Budget claims taxes would fall – 10m Australian’s faced higher taxes. That’s thanks to the removal of the LAMITO tax offset from July 1. Conveniently, this has been missed by the media and Labor, despite being approached for comment on a number of occasions, the Opposition has not been willing to respond to questions.

We repeat the questions here:

This is a media enquiry for the Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers.

In the government’s budget speech Frydenberg announced that his government would increase the low and middle-income tax offset by $420 for the 2021-22 financial year. The maximum amount of tax offset middle income earners will receive is now $1500.

What the Treasurer didn’t mention is that their government will not be renewing this tax offset for another year. This means that 10 million Australians will effectively have had their taxes raised by up to $30 a week come the 2022-23 financial year.

Does the Shadow Treasurer agree that Morrison and Frydenberg have misled the public by announcing this tax offset boost without informing the taxpayer that it will come to an end in three months?

If elected, what will Labor do to cover this hole in everyday Australians weekly household budget?

Will Labor reinstitute LAMITO?

Kind regards,

Callum Foote

Callum Foote is a reporter for Michael West Media.
Callum can be contacted on [email protected]

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