South Australia: so long, Steven?

by | Mar 18, 2022 | Lobbyland

National Cabinet is likely to have one fewer conservative face if Saturday’s South Australian election goes as the polls predict. One-term governments are rare in Australia but that looks like the fate of Premier Steven Marshall. ‘’Worst campaign ever,’’ says a Croweater of our acquaintance. ‘’They really didn’t give the election much thought until it was too late and now are in panic mode. Labor has been running like clockwork.’’

From another local observer: ‘’Voters are grumpy about Marshall opening the borders just as Omicron arrived, thus ruining everyone’s Christmas. Businesses also got smashed. It’s unfortunate, because the government has done a good job handling the virus overall and the borders probably had to open anyway. The Libs also announced they would build a great big new stadium (bread and circuses) which went down like a lead zeppelin.’’

Callum Foote is a journalist and Revolving Doors editor for Michael West Media. He has studied the impact of undue corporate influence over Australian policy decisions and the impact this has on popular interests.

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