NT Labor opens up Beetaloo

by | Mar 24, 2022 | Lobbyland

Yesterday the Senate Inquiry into the Beetaloo Basin heard evidence from Emeritus Professor Ian Lowe that should fracking go ahead in the Beetaloo, it will be impossible for the government or opposition to meet their Net Zero by 2050 targets.

Greens Senator Dorinda Cox has said that “The promise to require all emissions to be offset as a condition of lifting the NT fracking moratorium in 2018 has now been abandoned. The NT government falsely claims they can’t require gas companies to force offsets and is relying on Angus Taylor to do it.”

The committee also heard that government bureaucrats and politicians are having more meetings with the gas industry than traditional owners and pastoralists combined.

As well as the head of the NT Department of Industry Shaun Drabsch, who is in charge of approving drilling wells, was employed by Santos when he took his current role.

Callum Foote is a journalist and Revolving Doors editor for Michael West Media. He has studied the impact of undue corporate influence over Australian policy decisions and the impact this has on popular interests.

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