Revolving Doors

Adam Giles

Adam Giles MP

Fossil Fuels | Liberal Party | Revolving Doors

General Manager External Affairs ,Pastoral – Hancock Prospecting

TV Host – Sky News (The Adam Giles Show)

Company Director – ITEC Group Australia

Previous Positions

10th Chief Minister of the Northern Territory 2013-16

Leader of the Country Liberal Party 2013 –2016

Member of the Northern Territory Parliament for Braitling 2008 –2016


Giles hosts The Adam Giles Show on Sky News Australia, part of the pro-coal Murdoch press.

In 2016, following a significant election defeat Giles took a senior position as the General Manager External Affairs, Pastoral with mining magnate Gina Reinhart’s Hancock Prospecting.

Following retirement from politics Gillies also holds a non-executive chairman position with Koch Metals, a diversified mining company operating in northern Australia.

Giles’s Treasurer and Deputy Chief Minister from 2013-2014, Mr Dave Tollner MP had acted as a director of a mining company before his appointment.

In 2014 Giles expressed his support for unconventional gas exploration, or fracking, in an address to Mineral Council of Australia delegates.


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