Revolving Doors

Alan Griffiths

Alan Griffiths

Fossil Fuels | Labor | Revolving Doors

Current Positions

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder of Shopitize (2010 – Present)

Previous Positions

Federal Minister for Industry, Technology & Regional Development (1993-1994)

Federal Minister for Tourism (1991-1993)

Federal Minister for Resources (1990-1991)

Federal MP for Maribyrnong, Vic (Mar 1983-Jan 1996)

Mining Connections

Non-Executive Director, Guildford Coal Ltd (2010-2014) [1]

1 — Trading as TerraCom Ltd as of 19 November 2015. TerraCom is a coal mining company with extensive coal assets in Mongolia and Queensland’s Bowen, Galilee and Maryborough Basins.

Simone Marsh was a senior environmental analyst with the Queensland Co-ordinator General. After filing her report on the environmental effects of the proposed LNG industry in June 2010, she walked out of her job and was not heard of again in the media until she testified as a whistleblower at the Queensland government parliamentary inquiry into Queensland government administration of Commonwealth government affairs in November 2014.

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